Luxury Wedding Breakfast Menu

Merlins Mezze

Our own selection of delicious appetisers for tables of 8-10 to share,

accompanied by a selection of freshly baked speciality bread and warmed pitta with balsamic glaze and extra virgin olive oil for dipping


Stuffed vine leaves

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable salad with deep fried halloumi

Marinated green and black olives

Roasted artichoke salad

Home made houmous using organic chickpeas

Plum tomato and mozzarella salad with fresh basil leaves

A selection of continental sausage;

Chorizo, Mortadella, Salami


Medallions of Mature Devon Red beef fillet

served with roasted vine tomatoes, Dauphinoise potatoes,

fresh watercress and a Cognac and peppercorn sauce

served with buttered carrots and sugar snap peas


Warm chocolate fondant pudding served with

clotted cream ice cream


Fair trade filtered coffee and freshly brewed Dorset tea with fair trade chocolates