Terms & conditions for the venue hire

A contract shall be deemed to have been made between Parley Manor Weddings and the client when:

  • A signed booking form is received
  • A non-refundable booking fee of £750.00 is received to secure the venue date
  • Written confirmation of the booking given by Parley Manor Weddings

These prices and terms are subject to change at any time prior to booking, but will be fixed upon booking. Should you wish to cancel the venue, this can only be accepted IN WRITING, which may be e-mailed and confirmation of receipt given by Parley Manor Weddings.  The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and cancellation charges will apply as follows: 8 months prior to the event deposit only. Less than 8 months the full amount is payable.   We recommend that couples take out insurance against such eventualities.  

Guests numbers

Parley Manor has a minimum guest requirement of 60 adult guests for Friday & Saturday weddings and 50 adult guests for all other days.  If guest numbers fall below this number, a FULL CHARGE will be made regardless.


  • After the £750.00 deposit is paid, the balance is due two months prior to the wedding day.
  • Late bookings taken three months prior to the event will require payment IN FULL at the time of booking.
  • There will be an additional minimum deposit charge of £750.00 to defer a date.

Personal Data

Your details will only be passed onto relevant Parley Manor Partners and for the use of offering you services for your day only. Please contact us if you do not want us to pass your details on.


This is only possible with prior arrangement.

Parley Manor Offer’s

Supplier’s in the offer’s are subject to their availability. (excluding Merlins catering)

Marquee & Site

All personal belongings left unattended on site, are left at the owners’ own risk.


Suppliers in Parley Manor’s offer’s are subject to their availability (excluding Merlins catering). Parley Manor will not accept any responsibility for services or equipment hired/ordered by the couple.


All DIY items are to be put up from 8am and taken down at the end of the night strictly on the day of the wedding by members of your wedding party or florists/venue stylists. Unless your florists/venue stylists have arranged with the venue to collect hired items the following morning by 8am. We can of course pack your items up and store them for a 10am collection in the holding area at a fee of £100.


NO paper confetti to be used at the venue, only dried petals or bubbles can be used. There will be an extra charge of £50 if there is unreasonable cleaning, for example confetti bombs.


To be concluded at midnight.  All performers must hold a PAT certificate for all electrical equipment they use on site & if possible a PL insurance. Bands must finish performing at 11.30pm.

Fireworks, Drones & Candles

We do not allow fireworks, Chinese lanterns, naked flames (candle holders must be 1 inch taller than the wick and switched to LED candles in the evening) or Drones at Parley Manor.

Car Park

Cars are left in the car park at the owners own risk.

Finishing Times

Functions must be finished at the agreed time of 12.00 p.m.  Extension of time will not be possible and the premises must be vacated by 12.30.


The client is responsible for any loss or damage caused by the client or the client’s guests to property, equipment, or persons, whether belonging to the venue, client or clients guests.   We recommend that our customers insure themselves against risks occurring on the day and against the unlikely events of freaks of nature.

Force Majeure

Parley Manor Weddings accept no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of loss, damage, subsequent loss or changes caused by force majeure events such as hostilities, war/threat of war, industrial dispute, fire, floods or other extreme weather causing closure, or events beyond our control.