By Zara Pitman — 25th February 2016


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It can be tricky business deciding on a colour scheme for your wedding day. Things you may want to consider are……the style of the venue, the time of the year but most of all your personalities!


Every wedding is so different and you quickly realise that every couple has different tastes. Whether a couple want bright yellow sunflowers everywhere to a single natural orchid!  You can tie in the colours with your centre pieces, stationary, cake and outfits.  This helps to give a general feel for your day and provide your guests memories to take away.  It was also help to give your wedding album a cohesive look!


One theme that is very pretty and suits our natural garden and marquee venue is a blush dusky pink. I have attached a link to a Pinterest board with some gorgeous ideas…….by the way if you haven’t yet explored Pinterest for your wedding ideas……DO IT NOW!!!


Love Zara x